Baadalon se ghir kar chhup rhe the hum,
Na jaane kiss se muh mod rhe the hum,
Jo nazar aaya hi nhi usse khoj rhe the hum, 
Achanak humne mehsus kia ki ankhein muund kr baethe the hum,
Dekha toh paaya baadal baeth kar ho gye the thum,
Khud ko khud ke saamne roobaru kar rhe the hum, roobaru kar rhe the hum…



Jab jaan-naa chaha,

tab haalaat nhi the.


Jab maan-na chaaha,

tab jazbaat nhi the.


Jab chaaha ki lafzon mein krein kuch banyaa

tab, sach kehti hun, shabd hi nhi the.


Jab dhuud-na chaaha,

tab jawaab kayi the.


Jab apnana chaaha,

tab sawaal kayi thi.


Jab chaaha ki aankhein mund kar sun lun dil ki baat

tab, sach kehti hun, dil mein koi ehsaas hi nhi the.


Jab samajhna chaaha,

tab pehlu kayi the.


Jab smajhaana chaaha,

tab tum hi nhi the.


Jab chaaha ki khud mein khud se hi mil lun

tab, sach kehti hun, Allah bhi yhin the aur Ishwar bhi yhin the….


Jab milin unse,

tab puchha maine,


jaana khn tha,

aur khn hain chal diye.


Jab suna unhone meri chaahat ko

tab vo bole, main sach kehta hun, aana tha yhin pe…..tumhe, aana tha yhin pe.


How long has it been

to recognise and reconcile,

my selves to a soul

and to decipher the ecstasy.

Since long I have been

escaping, avoiding and hide,

the truth, the core, the mind

then chosen to kept aside.

Forgotten was the power of light

it has wings to spread wide,

With the hope it shines

and promises silently to keep me uptight.

Being kind, being humane

where being in conflict was not my game,

With the hollow-eyed experiences I gained

in pieces, yet I hope again.

I have seen black and white

have seen dark and light,

have discovered the truth as grey

with mild storm at bay.

With smile in pain

now I close my eyes and drain,

My mind cleared when it rained

like drops I remained and the soul evaporate..and the soul evaporate…!