Sachh Kya Hai..

Sachh kya hai jhooth kya
Dil kya hai dimaag kya
Zameen kya ye aasamaan kya
Gareeb kya hai fakir kya

Maasuum kya hai tez kya
Dhokha kya hai fareb kya
moh kya ye prem kya
Jism kya hai aatma kya

Kya hai ye duniya or ye log kya
Kya hai jeena or jeene ka maksad kya
Kya hai ye marna or maarna kya                                        Kya hai ye khel or zindagi kya

Sach kya hai or ye jhooth kya


When fog clears..

Life has stuck,

With its own sets of musts.

Is it a phase or am i,

Pushing me in search of why.

Focus is narrow and vision wide,

I want to live in peace if the world doesn’t mind.

This world seems strange now,

Where i don’t want to bow.

Walking down this lone street,

Where being self is not a mistreat.

Urging for the rise,

Carrying pateince quite nice.

Mesmerised by the beauty of mind,

Motivates me to follow the light.

Running through a tunnel for sight,

I skipped my breath and opened my eyes.😮

Was it a dream or the truth?😞

How would i know, in fog i am but i don’t ruth.😏

This awakening has marked me deep,

Through fog i see light reaching in me.

Wuhuu..🙌 so Sun is waiting for me,

Turns universe is listening to all my plea.

Having faith i am hanging in here,

Wishing that the closure is near.

In the mean time i am preparing to say cheers🍻,

Which you will hear when fog clears! 😉