Communicate with Life

Closed eyes, pounding heartbeat, insufficient breathes..a time which leave us all imprisoned in our own mind. This is not a heart wrenching story, it is a glimpse of a path towards the discovery of self which will let you to communicate with life.

When darkest of the dark you see, you feel the essence of someone’s presence. That shadow dives in with you, with your mind, your will, your energy, your soul. It attracts you so much that you forget to focus on reality and the disguises of deception as truth crushes your spirit apart.
Now this shadow could be anything. Any problem in your life could be defined as the same either it’s hopelessness towards life or the moment of giving up in job, relations or life. Once we focus on that shadow, it spirals around us in a way that sinking in is all what happens. The words to express that feeling has no worth unless it is felt!
But we are fooled by that shadow. If it’s the darkest of the dark, we must realize that there is presence of light all around us due to which we are recognising that shadow. Inspite of celebrating that light we continue making one mistake i.e. focusing too much, narrowing our concentration on that shadow.
Whereas the truth remains, light was always with you, around you, in you..isn’t that’s why we have a shadow of our own?☺
Sun is always for you. Just take step outside the room you are imprisoned in. Close eyes, heart pounding ( which continues to call you out from the prison, assuring that you are alive) and insufficient breathes turn sufficient when fear of loss is converted with love towards life. The words to express this feeling of being connected with the universe has no worth unless it is felt! 😉
Changing the view point of your frame could change the painting itself. Be brave and listen to what life speaks silently.

Cyprus in a glimpse

Initially, Cyprus was a part of Greece. The history of Cyprus takes us back to the battle of Lepanto in 1571 where Ottoman empire (which later turned as Turkey) conquered it. This is how Cyprus became home for Greeks and Turks.

By 1930, it was populated with two-thirds of Greeks and one-third of Turks. Since 1878, it was one of the British colonies. This rule split them on the basis of nationality and ethnicity. Many political organisations were blamed for assassinations upon the ethnic lines. After a 4 year war, Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960. But so much was lost, colonial tensions outlived and hatred gained roots tightly.

In 1974, when Greece military coup in Cyprus for annexation, heavily armed troops of Turks invaded and captured one-third of Cyprus before U.N. intervened and declared a buffer zone with ceasefire.

Since then, The Republic of Cyprus is virtually divided as Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, which is only determined by Turkey (even EU and UN consider it to be The Republic of Cyprus as one nation). This is often called as Northern Cyprus.

In 2015, the new President of Northern Cyprus ” Mustafa Akinci” declared for a new policy for peace. Hope Cyprus finds out its way towards harmony and enlighten other nations to live with togetherness and tranquility.




The Revenant

Want to live, to live again,

to grow up, to rise, to fall, to rise again.

Want to forget, forget deeds and memories,

to referesh, to forget, to start again.

Want freedom, freedom from thoughts,

thoughts that are holding me back, to free myself, to think again.

Want to stop breathing, to be breathless,

to stop feeling, & breath again, to feel again.

Want to burn, to burn to amort senses,

to amort to liberate, to liberate to live again.

Want end, end to this incompleteness,

to end to complete, to born again.

Want to cease, cease being patient,

to abide to heal, to heal to carry it again.

Want to live, to live again,

to grow up, to rise, to fall, to rise again.


Hold on to your shine
Dont look for diamonds in the mine

Beneathe logics lie the sense
Farther you dive more the essence

Redefine yourself by discovering self
Listen to what it shows and feel the silence

Dont try hard simply embrace your spark
Let it flow inside out to mind through heart ☺☺

The dream

And it continues
Deciphering the thoughts
Apprehensioning the odds

Acceptance seems limitless
Realization seems endless

Escapist i remained
Unreal i became

Real and ideal mismatched
To a Different being i attached

I slipped from my soul
Concepts of time and real were unknown

Ought and should shall never be told
Could break us down and make us cold

Love and care for u i chose
Yet In betrayal and disguise u rose

Faith was foregone and so was hope
But i had angels who made me cope

Abandoned from body and soul
I missed your touch and glow

Now i open my eyes wide
You have been a dream i realize

With open arms i accept it
Yet when i sleep i view it
And it continues..

Sab kuch aur kuch bhi nhi!

Rehta hun yhin khin,
Dikhta magar main nahi.
Raste bhi hain or manzil bhi,
Jana kahan jab hai zindagi yhin.

Guzarta hai waqt badalta bhi hai,
Samjho ise toh ye ho kar bhi nhi hai.
Har Shann main basta jaise raag hai,
Pal pal mein rehta ehsaas hai.

Waqt nahi ye zindagi hai,
Jo rehti yhin, lekin dikhti nhi hai.
Na samjha na jana hai,
Lekin rishta purana hai.

Aag mein jal kar jo bhasm hua,
Vo Ajeev nhi, mujhme aa basaa.
Raakh se uth kar svatantra hua,
Jeevan mein jeene ka ehsaas tab hua.

Adrishya nhi, har kann mein hun mai,
Jaano toh gyaan nahi toh rehsya hun mai.
Iss dhuyein ki tarah zinda hun mai,
Aur ateet ki tarah shunya hun mai.

Forever Healing

So much have gone, very little u hold on,

gone is strength, what you have now is achievement.

Its smile, laugh, love or pain that you hide,

makes a remark, that you survived.

So much is yet to advent, a lot is yet to learn,

many falls and several cries are yet to come.

Beautiful life and blissful your present is,

watching baby’s smile, makes your  heart uplift.

Emotions are liberating yet it unites,

if felt from soul after ego’s subside.

Feel them, unless they liberate you,

be yourself, albeit you miss YOU.

Blink your eyes now, as clock continues to move,

You realize what you were, are no more YOU.

With calm breath and warm touch you heal,

when isolation rewards you achieve peace.

As experience continues,

your journey of rise and fall too.

Pain is an ingredient to your remedy,

you will accept it and it will too, once you are ready to feel and heal YOU!




Close your eyes and listen to the unsaid,

Feel the unspoken, sense the essence.

Open your brain and talk to self,

Dive deep in and find the mansion.

Where we live, where we are,

Answers are known but we keep them apart.

Neglecting the roots, the reality has shrunk,

Oh honey, are we addictively drunk?

A touch, a breath, a heartbeat,

Countless we feel when we have abundant.

Close your eyes and listen to the unsaid,

Your heart pounds and you feel unrest.

Open your brain and talk to self,

Realize how being unrest is crucial for ourselves.

The shorter it becomes the harder you reach,

The lesser you get, the closer you believe.

Outreach the outer and explore the inside,

Find the right balance, not loose not so tight.

Discover the life of an atom or nuclie,

The world in one is decsribed.

Feel the unspoken, sense the essence,

Dive deep in and find the universe in self.


Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time, Winston Churchill made this a remarkable statement in the history. Different ages have gone under umpteenth forms of government and political systems but democracy is not just about it. Democracy in a civilization is a social-cultural evolution which is yet to establish in various parts. It is skeptical to us albeit has universal appeal.

The diversity and complexity within the several  states and nations have restrained democracy up till now. As our nation, where people’s origin , their linguistics, culture, religion and traditional norms are sundry, stands today with sovereignty and integrity representing democracy nevertheless reflects drive for more of it.

Various democratic institutions are speeding up to grow into democracy but are they heading towards right path, is hard to say. Seeming the scenario of societal problems, their growth, security and their reach towards development do not reflect a liberal democracy for now.

The evolution of any civilization depends upon the formations and functions of it’s institutional systems. India, as the largest democracy of the world, has social conflicts been richly diverse, vigorously articulated and audacious at the same time. There are three main spheres where democracy is being practiced social, economical and political. To sustain as a nation consensus building, patience, inclusiveness and freedom are to be demonstrated not only through institutions but through citizens as well. Such problems are visible in the actions of the Patel , the Jat or the Patidar communities rioting for reservations which shows how citizens underestimate themselves of being a part of equal opportunity and rights. Such well educated community, when strike for their rights, leave the democratic institutions baffled wandering about the rest 32.7 percent population below poverty line i.e. more than 259.5 million (21.3 % of the total population).

Another conundrum act is Naxalite-Maoist insurgency, common people turned into agitated avengers calling for democracy at the cost of innocent lives and officers which were once appointed for them ( before they turned into maoists) are now appointed against them. Their acts bring a big question on what democracy is, whom is it for, who practices it and who is credible for being it unexecuted.

Inclusivism is apprehended and seems to be a goal with greater ambition when the diversified beauty of Kashmir becomes the cause of blasts and wars instead of peace and pride.  For the call of security and claim of territory,  Kashmir as a state of people is being terrorized by the undemocratic acts. People who denounce their acts as protection which Kashmir requires, are the ones wounding it.

Yet there are some commendable progresses made since independence. India was left with full of agitated countrymen, lamenting poverty, vast number of minorities, biased history of caste, sex, race and religion, thwarted societies with no constitution to govern upon, it was an infant with no environment support around.

India marched it’s way from the list of wonders of the world with Taj Mahal to top 5 space agencies of the world with ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). It stands at fourth in Defense and first in remittances receipts. With the biggest constitution in the world, it is practicing unity with law and order to prevent from interior threats and with valor and strength from exterior threats.

In this span, it was not easy for India to transcend it’s image from a British colony to the incredible India. Cherishing it’s history from Indus Valley Civilization to ISRO’s most cost effective mission of Mangalyaan and recent launches of ASTROSAT & INSAT-3DR, India continues to rewrite it’s name amongst the emerging nations of the world.

Since independence the adult literacy rate grew from 16.1 per cent in 1941 to 74.04 per cent at present. Average Life expectancy rate has also improved from 41.38 years in 1960 to 66.38 years in 2010. We have girls going to school and female employees now. Several cases against corruption and rights for women reflect a paradigm shift towards liberty and democracy.

70 years have gone by, the much diversified territory with it’s people have a long way ahead with an efficient experience to pursue their rights and follow duties. India, where the government is the representative of the citizens, can not lead true democracy unless the poorest citizen is taken into account while deriving and practicing reforms and policies for the growth and development. As long as life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the three natural rights according to the code of the bill of rights, do not unite with every citizen the democratic institutions can not have a pragmatic egalitarian society. To attain one democratic ideals, democratic institutions and democratic outcomes act as three pillars of a nation.

” Our Constitution is so brilliant but had been presented to us before time. We as society need to be more mature to claim it as our ideal.”






You must master in an unfamiliar world in order to truly understand yours own, mean while you will struggle utmost of the time in search of own.

Perception deception may not seem to be different anymore, it will need you to be sagacious and bold.

Vigour would hinder but don’t loose hope, peoples have mouths, brains and bones but remember what you can use to grow.

Delusion illusion may seem to be reality, patience tolerance and focus you will need.

Calm mind and peaceful soul is when determined, sanctum itself covers before your despondent.

Believing in yourself is what you need, you are the only one who can make YOU and SELF meet !