Before My Last Half

With breath, acknowledgement is absent.

Without breath, life is.

When it comes, it’s known through the cry.

When it leaves, all it makes us is quiet.


While we breath hard, we run for life.

While we breath slow, life runs from us.

We fail to decipher the symphony of breath.

The value it gives, to us , to life.


We shut our eyes and mouth, to ignore.

To not listen what it tries to say,

We often plug in our ears with songs.

After being one, it doesn’t survive half for long.


Some realise what one is, rest can’t figure it out.

Half  I am – trying hard and easy, to save what’s left and gain what’s lost.

Dying  each day little by little, takes me more far.

Hope you would hold, before i release my last half…………


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