Ages pass on, we, you and I move on,

keeping hope we stick on, together we build our bond.

Bond that’s deep, depth that we meet,

meet when we uncover, uncover what is covert.

Covert that is unshared, unshared but adhered,

adhered what is ignored by rest, rest who’s presence is rare.

Rare not outside but inside, inside we pray, love and cry,

cries that are unheard, unheard wishes & desires later burned.

Burned emotions turn stern, where logics and reasons go beyond,

beyond our reach & smiles, becoming unbound yet bound.

Touched, unfold , solved our hearts may or may not,

keeping hope we stick on, together we build our bond.

Ages will pass on, we, you and I will move on!




Hai aag si ye kashtiyan, zarre zarre mein hai chubhan..

Maan lun main tujhe, jo kar do ye jatan..


Shaam ko thaam lo, roshni ko rok do..

Jal rhi ye rooh jo, jal ka daan do..


Jaan kar anjaan jo, bhasm wo ajeev ho..

insaan ka insaan se, uth raha vishwaas jo.


Ye waqt ki khamoshiyan, laa rhin agaaz hai..

Sochta hai tu kya, ye kroor ka jaal hai..


Jaanta woh nhi, imaan ye atoot hai..

Hoslon ki ye patang, vibhakt se adrishya hai..


Bhu se agyaat tu, haasil na tu kar payega..

Prakriti se janma tu, manushya na ban payega..


Azaadiyan cheekh kar, chheen lengi rakt vo..

Jo desh ka desh se, kar rha vidroh jo..


Kashtiyon ki ye nadi, hai bhari aakrosh se..

Iss chubbhan ki saanjh toh, shunya hogi bhor se..


Jo na thami shaam ye, manzoor ho taap vo..

shaastron se pare, shastra ko na maan do..


Jo pal raha chiraag sa, raakh tu ho jayega..

GOONJ si jo main uthun, tu shikaar ho jayega..tu shikaar ho jayega..










Life has it’s own way of dealing you. It hits you hard on your face when you try to escape it. The more you will try, the harder it will hit. Many people have options to choose for themselves and many don’t. Many don’t ever recognize what opportunities time has brought for them. And many forget to exult for what they have with them.

This unwanting episode in their lives when gains importance, they fall short to hold it’s worth. As once it was their own but with time it goes through several editions and now its completely unrecognizable.

But the beauty is, those with love may still have their chances to touch its worth and embrace themselves. All one has to do is make a choice. Prioritize.

So, are you prepared for this? Fear of change, discomforting thoughts and uneasy start. These will leave you perplexed. But that’s fine, it’s how life is. If you don’t want life to hit you hard, then you have to hit life harder. Yep, that’s the rule my friend. All these fears will fade away gradually so fear is just an illusion.

The important point to ponder upon before making a choice is, “Are you ready to pay the opportunity cost for your choice?”. Think wisely. Think more than twice.


Dark Days and Bright Nights.

Dark days and bright nights,

Wrenched you but didn’t surprise.

What you hold came with a price,

Not to lose the sight was your choice.


Landing on the ground to guide,

It made you surpass to ignite.

The realm of visions were unidentified,

Where spirits and shadows remain unclassified.


From the virtues and vice to the inseparable demise,

Born and alive are few to state wise.

Dark days and bright nights,

Will help you to cross wild tides.




The Way Beneath..

For the times and moments You chose me,
For every single obstacle arrived in front of me,
How beautifully You showed me the way beneath,
The body, mind and soul to acknowledge me.

For the choices i made,
For the decisions i take,
Each adorned my life in different ways,
Which taught me better versions to behave.

For the questions in life,
For the doubts in mind,
Striving from the other’s word,
then You showed me for what I am worth.

It compels me to move on,
To push myself and not to the walls,
With life i forgot,
how to treat self as the world is not my fault.

For the reasons I broke,
For the people I hoved,
How beautifully You showed me the way beneath,
How the words of love and intention of kindness shall I serve to me.


With the flow I breathe,
the touch of breeze I feel.

Like leaf on the water I float,
dead or alive in the moment I abode.

From sleep I awake in dream,
as the water falls I feel retreat.

The dark in me sinks,
as the twilight with moon sings.

Lost was the love I found,
the soul was wounded yet it uplift as cloud.

Following the journey I discovered the path,
light is not out there, but inside my heart.

Poured to purge, I redeem from shots,
once I liberate from my own thoughts.

Memories of Haven

The world has its ways,
In the manner it tends to behave.
Lasting for ever does not stay,
Since the parts of you can stray.

How you see the self is the answer here,
The world lies inside or out has to be clear.
The search for wholeness never gets a stop,
Unless you find what you’re capable of.

Striking with the courage,
You deal with the reality.
Yet the realm of perceptions,
May vandalise with anticipations.

The voice of self is hitherto around,
Because the soul knows no bounds.
Being born is a process of infinite recursion,
Open the eyes wide and sense your succession.

The power has bestowed now,
The light with the night is nowed.
So the glimpses of fear will fade,
And memories of haven will stay.


Those unspoken words of sadness,
Those unseen senses of humanness.

In the world of borders,
I stand with spiritedness.

Harder the people judge,
Stronger for roots I urge.

They believe to have foresightedness,
I condemn with existential so immense.

The war of the worlds had never ended,
If reality with peace never blended.

The times I crouched behind the walls,
Were intended to hold me before I fall.

Those unshared moments are fading apart,
Now I want to pause them to gather my parts.

Foolishly I upheld deceived,
Intelligently it grew me indeed.

Lost inside the mind I stood,
Possessed by my soul I hooked.

The independent from the world I be,
The more my free spirit will breathe.

When fog clears..

Life has stuck,

With its own sets of musts.

Is it a phase or am i,

Pushing me in search of why.

Focus is narrow and vision wide,

I want to live in peace if the world doesn’t mind.

This world seems strange now,

Where i don’t want to bow.

Walking down this lone street,

Where being self is not a mistreat.

Urging for the rise,

Carrying pateince quite nice.

Mesmerised by the beauty of mind,

Motivates me to follow the light.

Running through a tunnel for sight,

I skipped my breath and opened my eyes.😮

Was it a dream or the truth?😞

How would i know, in fog i am but i don’t ruth.😏

This awakening has marked me deep,

Through fog i see light reaching in me.

Wuhuu..🙌 so Sun is waiting for me,

Turns universe is listening to all my plea.

Having faith i am hanging in here,

Wishing that the closure is near.

In the mean time i am preparing to say cheers🍻,

Which you will hear when fog clears! 😉

Be Brave!

Strength comes at a price,

like a new bottle of old wine.

It takes you at deeper level,

where you find your self as pebble.

Wondered and clustered you stand,

memories fading yet with smile you pretend.

No words, no emotions you express,

compensating with rest you impress.

Inhibited you are with an untouched soul,

but when the light enters you never know.

Hidden inside pain you have,

will bring salvation in you to mat.

Perplexed looks, dissolved you feel

consumed by energy, misnomer you be.

With the thirst you see, the world apart,

sanctum is in you, to find which is an art.

A tiny ray of hope kindles your soul,

to hold, mould, bold and glow.

To uncover, discover and recover is what you know,

the time stands still and wait for you to blow.

Your angel is the pain you hold,

don’t misinterpret it just let it go.

Break your limits, unleash your power,

now the world needs you, blissdom you shower.

Who is whom and whom is what,

you have your answers so work your way smart. 😉

Be the compassion that you crave,

redefine your self as sexy as brave!